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I wait for the day
you say
you’re better than “okay”



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The deep blue sea
  A solace and a tomb
The lonely sink
  Like heavy stones
They lift the loved
  Who stand on their bones


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The winds blew weak after the storm.
But with them,
The trees gave away extra drops,
They popped your smoke rings,
Colored me,
I can’t tell you the times,
I’ve burnt the palms of my hands,
The meat of my fingers,
Just to sleep like this

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i am an s.o.s. returned to sender
i only bring bad news
undefined like that old summer romance
ruined on the first day of school
the pit of your stomach that never sits right
the sadness of the loss of a child
the day i am not fed
will be the day we are all happy

i feel all but know nothing


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that morning stretch
you feel sexy
no matter how you look
no matter the time of day
no matter that you’re alone


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I may not know the way you look in the morning,
but I knew how your heart beat strong in the night,
I may not know how you take your coffee,
but I know how you stir just before sleep,
(one last stretch for comfort)
I know the curve of the pools of your collarbones,
and how you giggle before the punchline.

My most vivid memories are the ones you forgot.

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You put too much faith in my love
And I’m not where you’d like to be
Keep me busy just a little while longer
I can’t keep sorting these memories
I understand you have to leave
And why you don’t stay long
I can’t hold it against you
Keep giving me that faith
Because I’ve got nothing else
Nothing is loud enough to drown out the mind