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Winters blue sk(eye)ies brought as many memories as it did snowflakes.
She never did love me as much as I loved her.


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I’m so sorry. 
People expect you to just keep on living and it doesn’t work that way. 
Just remember that you’re doing your best no matter how you feel,
and that I love you forever.

The slow death of an old friendship

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If I were someone else you’d be home already.
If you were someone else I wouldn’t care this much.

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I’ll keep my secrets. I can’t share the dark bits because they’re left in the eyes of those who know. If I can see them, the reminder will never go away. A shadow is not strong enough to hold itself up. 

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I feed them with shortcomings
They own me with their words
I must remember how to breathe with my mouth closed


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The winds blew weak after the storm.
But with them,
The trees gave away extra drops,
They popped your smoke rings,
Colored me,
I can’t tell you the times,
I’ve burnt the palms of my hands,
The meat of my fingers,
Just to sleep like this

Are you still out there? I hope you are.

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Are you still out there? 
I hope you are.