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I’m so sorry. 
People expect you to just keep on living and it doesn’t work that way. 
Just remember that you’re doing your best no matter how you feel,
and that I love you forever.


second format

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I have broken things;
     the ice was fragile
     the glass was sturdy

You have broken hearts;
     well, at least one

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i am an s.o.s. returned to sender
i only bring bad news
undefined like that old summer romance
ruined on the first day of school
the pit of your stomach that never sits right
the sadness of the loss of a child
the day i am not fed
will be the day we are all happy

i feel all but know nothing


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As I keep running out of words I will drown and it will be beautiful as all of the years I’ve spent currency on them has come to an end. I can’t ask for help when my teeth are falling from my mouth. I’m too afraid of what I’ve done to myself. 

I’ll be tonguing these new gaps for weeks while I think about how pretty the water is from underneath. 


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Piling layers for a short winter. My bones have yet to thaw, my organs perfectly preserved under sore muscles refusing to bend or stretch. Many false springs have left my body unforgiving and ill. Didn’t you try once to ignite your bones early as I have? You made it but I’m failing and trapped.

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Just when I’d stopped worrying again
I couldn’t save you
After being told you’d die a thousand times
I thought you were indestructible
That damn unnatural toothy grin
And a sense of humor to keep it there
Despite everything

Time doesn’t make it easier
It just makes it longer

Since I’ve seen your face

You were alone
And what I wouldn’t give

To remember more of the day before

Every word you said
How I said goodbye when I left home

It stopped being home without you

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She will remember fondly of when I loved her but not miss it. I was never more than a few lines of misinterpreted dialogue, she was the moon. Short weeks or long months, however you look at it, if the moon really does die and is born anew then she died with me and another replaced her. It is messy but she didn’t want to belong. The new moon has already started changing.